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Beginning with the creative concept, the placement of the home on the site, the interconnection between interior and exterior, and the blend of form with function. You will appreciate our accessible, friendly and honest relationship with you, and our clear understanding of what you want. You will be totally comfortable through every step of the process, because it will unfold intelligently, precisely, responsively.

From the materials we use in your home and our care in placing them appropriately, to every construction detail, the quality will be evident and constant. You will admire the meticulous supervision of the Cutshaw principals, on-site, focused on your job. You will find our practical, skillful, judicious approach to building a home to be refreshing and sensible. In the end, you will know that you have the best quality available for the investment you made.

A Cutshaw custom home is the total package. From the comprehensive details of planning and construction, to the productive interaction you will have with every member of the team, to that final, wonderful moment of occupancy. We will take you through the unique and exhilarating process of creating a home that exhibits the highest levels of comfort and quality. Without compromise. You will be able to proudly say, my home is a "Cutshaw".

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