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Hub Restaurant & Ice Creamery - 3400 Square foot Downtown Tucson restaurant, bar and ice creamery crafted into a 1912 red brick building with full kitchen, ice cream cabinets, prep area and bar. Extensive structural steel work stabilizes the original brick shell, and the original wood flooring was salvaged and utilized to give the restaurant an authentic, Old World charm.

Bar Cinema - 1400 Square foot Downtown Tucson unique, open Patio Bar directly outside the Playground Bar. There is a 25 foot high movie wall and cushioned seating around glass framed fire pits.

Roof Deck Bar - 3000 Square foot Downtown Tucson Roof Deck Bar positioned above the 1912 red brick building housing the Playground Bar. Designer plasma cut steel stairs and exterior elevator wrapped in steel and vines add a unique design element..

Playground Bar - 1600 Square foot Downtown Tucson Bar and Nightclub built in a 1912 red brick building with extensive structural steel work to stabilize the original brick shell. The exposed aggregate floor has approximately 5000 glass marbles embedded in the surface layer, then the floor was ground and polished.

Marana Mortuary & Cemetery - 9000 Square foot modern designed Mortuary in Marana. The site was originally a 16 acre cotton field that was transformed into two buildings and 3.5 acres of grave sites with 150 concrete crypts for future burials. The Business and Services building houses the mortuary sales, funeral arrangements, body cooler, and embalming stations. The very uniquely designed Chapel has ceilings rising to over 20 feet. This building is used for funeral services as well as Community events.

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